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JSD: where no-one is uniform

Uniform definition:
remaining the same in all cases and at all times; unchanging in form or character
the distinctive clothing worn by members of the same organization or body

It is easy when thinking about ‘uniforms’ to think of them as all the same – identical in every way. The adjective even has that dictionary definition. But when it comes to designing uniforms for leading brands, Jermyn Street Design (JSD) views things very differently. For JSD the focus is the wearer: not just how they look, but how they feel when wearing the garments, because no-one is uniform.

JSD Managing Director, Charlotte McHardy (above), explains: “The well-being of over 200,000 wearers across 85 countries is our driving obsession and the ultimate measure of success for the 54 leading brands in our current portfolio.”
JSD works closely with big name brands such as Ocado, DUFRY (the Duty Free Shops), Jet2, Elizabeth Arden and Eurostar to create sustainable uniforms that employees are proud to wear. The key words are ‘fit’ and ‘fit-for-purpose’, which take the garments created by JSD designers beyond fashion and place the well-being of staff at the forefront. JSD works with employers to meet the needs of all body shapes and sizes, working in widely varying roles, climates and cultures, because ultimately the success of the uniform depends on it.

Elizabeth Arden is among a host of big name brands JSD works with

JSD Founder Susanne Malim sums up the company’s approach: “We fashion brand-building clothes for real people at work and enable the total life-cycle of every garment for every wearer from design to responsible disposal. Our wearer-driven approach creates business value for clients because wearer well-being leads to better productivity, higher retention and improved brand expression.”
Body shape and size has changed over the years since Susanne founded the company in 1981, so JSD treats size as not just a number. The company applies the intelligent use of body analytics, sizing sets, wearer workshops, wearer trials and sizing roadshows to ensure everyone looks their very best. JSD has conducted a re-fitting exercise for their clients to re-calibrate every pattern to accommodate all body shapes.
Fabrics are carefully selected, not only for suitability for each job function but also for comfort, durability and garment care. Susanne comments: “We are working with some incredible new fabrics that move with the wearer and flatter every figure. Not only that, they are sustainable too, something else that wearers are pushing their employers for.”

JSD works closely with clients and business partners at the start of a new project. The demands and the entire lifecycle of a uniform is examined from the very outset – including design, wearer well-being, sustainability, durability, ethical manufacture, right sizing, distribution, garment care and end-of-life disposal. To ensure that nothing is overlooked, JSD set up a cross-department Sustainability Committee to work with committed clients such as Ocado and Eurostar on further initiatives this year.
While it may be tempting to reach for an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all ‘uniform’ uniform, there are no shortcuts. To reap the business benefits that come with investing in a high quality, well-designed, durable and sustainable uniform, there is no substitute for a reputable bespoke uniform supplier that understands that ‘no-one is uniform’.


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