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Humans at risk from toast pollution

Toasting bread can expose people to more pollution than if they were standing at a busy intersection, according to a study from the University Of Texas. Experts created a mock-up of a three-bedroom house and equipped it with monitors to assess how everyday activities impacted on air quality.


Roasting and frying in the kitchen pollutes the air in a home, as do candles, house cleaners, air purifiers and sprays. But researcher Marina Vance said the biggest shock was discovering the “toxic” impact of toast.
“When you make toast, the heating element starts warming up the debris and gunk in the toaster which includes oils,” Vance told the American Association for the Advancement of Science. “Add to that the bread itself – it’s going to emit a range of things. We found ethanol, a by-product of yeast.
If there’s tiny pieces of bread touching the heating element you can see the smoke, maybe from crumbs at the bottom of the toaster – they will all make a lot of particles.” She said this all amounts to ‘very unhealthy’ air pollution levels if compared to outdoor air quality standards.” The study found burnt toast was particularly harmful and the safest way forward was to eject at the light golden stage.

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