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How to show love after the golden times

FMCG brands advised on capitalisation during the first quarter

fmcg newsField sales agency Tactical Solutions, is lifting the lid on what lies ahead for the first couple of months of 2016 and has issued advice on how brands can maximise their sales opportunities following the Christmas and New Year sales trading periods.

Managing Director Cathy Evans said: “For many, January is a time for reflecting on what they achieved in the past 12 months, as well as planning ahead for the New Year. However within the grocery sector, trends and decisions happen so rapidly that often there isn’t the time for this reflection – especially with Valentine’s Day scheduled only six weeks into the year. 

“So it’s essential for retailers and brands to take stock and evaluate how best to tackle this interesting period. 

Whilst sales figures are generally down now compared to the Golden Quarter, there is still money being spent, with the majority in the grocery store, which means it’s important for brands to stay visible and available throughout the early months of the year, according to Cathy. A new year marks an opportunity for brands to introduce new lines. People are still buying, but this time it is more specific and targeted therefore a brand must create a level of interest and noise in each store to ensure its product is visible and seen by the potential customer.

There is also the added pressure that as soon as Christmas is over, the Valentine’s Day products start to appear so there needs to be a balance with both. 

Cathy added: “I always think start the year as you mean to go on which is why all our brand ambassadors are already hitting the shop floors – from a field sales perspective we increase our weekly sites to each of the Big 4 during this month. It’s this level of visibility and communication that is crucial for a brand to succeed throughout the period. 

“Often by January the consumer wants to try something new and exciting compared to their usual grocery shopping. Brands and retailers need to capitalise on this period by introducing and trialling innovative new lines and product ranges – using January as a test bed for the rest of the year.

“And then add into the mix of Valentine’s Day which raises similar challenges to Black Friday – just not on the same scale. Again it’s working with an experienced and knowledgeable field sales team who can advise on the most appropriate approach to execute one day promotions, ensuring the activity is fully implemented at each store, nationwide. 

“It takes planning to drive appropriate stock levels in and have the right space allocated to the right high selling SKU’s, because fundamentally it’s all about being able to pick up the item quickly. 

“The top three rules for a successful one day event are proper planning, effective store management, and the implementation of in-store theatre and merchandising – it works every time.”

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