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How brands grab consumer’s attention

Cutting through the noise in-store and online has never been harder, as brands fight for consumer’s attention. Design agency Episode Two believe that connecting with your brand’s audience should be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1) Your brand needs to win your consumer’s eyes before you can win their hearts and minds

Pique their interest, make them smile, anything to stop them in their tracks. It’s only when you have captured their attention that you have the opportunity to engage them with your messaging.

As you communicate with your consumer, put all your focus into building an emotional connection. Prioritising intrigue, engagement and interaction over the functionality of your product.

“Be the brightest flower in the field to attract the most bees.”

Even if the consumer doesn’t know what your product is yet, in grabbing their attention and making them say ‘what is that?’, you’ve already increased the chance of them engaging with your brand and moved one step closer to the ultimate goal – converting them into making a purchase.

2) Put your USP at the heart of your story to really champion what makes you different

It’s important to identify your brands unique proposition and be proud of it. Shout about it from the roof tops, clearly and consistently so that consumers begin to associate it with your brand and know what makes you the brand they should buy.

This consistent leveraging of your USP will build a holistic picture of your brand in consumer’s minds, they will remember who you are and what makes you different.

“Consumers want to be inspired and also feel reassured.”

We know consumers are creatures of habit and tend to stick with what they know. So, when they do decide to try something new they want to feel like they are making a great choice, for the right reasons and feel comfortable with their decision.

3) Make your brand hard to forget so it leaves a lasting impression with your consumers

You want to put your brand on consumer’s radar in a distinct and engaging way. Positively programming them to remember you, when what you offer becomes relevant to them.

When the time comes that they need your brand’s product or service, the emotional connection you previously built will trigger, and bring your brand to the forefront of their mind.

“They might not need you today, but they will remember you when the time is right.”

Like the time when you need a design agency and you think to yourself: “I remember this article with a cat with laser-beams coming out of its eyes and their 1,2,3 tips… oh!”.

We are Episode Two, a design agency that practise what we preach… and in reading to the end of this article we have demonstrated our process works! To find out more about our approach to brand identity, packaging design and shopper marketing that will ensure your consumers say ‘WOW’ when they see your brand on-pack, in-store and online – visit episodetwo.co.uk, call us on 0117 9339 400 or email kate@episodetwo.co.uk



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