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Holland & Barrett’s co-pack expansion

One of the world’s leading names in health food is also making a name for itself as a quality co-packing partner

For more than 150 years, Holland and Barrett has demonstrated it can be more than one of the world’s leading health and wellness retailers – not to mention the largest in Europe.

Over time, it has launched 1,600 stores in 18 countries across the globe including both owned and franchise outlets. Its rich history serves as a hallmark for quality, exceptional customer service, market research, reputation and credibility.

In the small, modest, market town of Burton-on-Trent that is more renowned for making Marmite and beer, Holland & Barrett shelters a production facility that is responsible for supplying its vast network of shops with daily vitamins and supplements, healthy snacks, flours and decadent chocolate-coated fruits and nuts.

Since 2011, Burton on Trent has been home to the 133,000 square foot operation with capability to pack 24/7, dependent upon demand.

There are more than 240 associates and agency colleagues on hand to complete those tasks. The base prides itself on an A-grade BRC certification, a Soil Association accreditation and its team of skilled, dedicated associates setting enormously high standards for their work.

Responsible for running this round-the-clock facility, for the past four years, has been Tony Barlow. As the Head of Operations, he identified an opportunity to combine – and offer – the spare capacity and years of experience and knowledge as a new business development: 3rd Party Co-Packing.

Over the past two years in particular, this project has grown into a fully established, recognised entity within the factory – with sales growth of 60 percent.

After an initial pre-sales risk assessment, third party customers send their raw materials to be packed with their own componentry or supplied by H&B, which comes complete with full guidance, every step of the way.

The business can offer packaging in recyclable materials and also provide advice on what is best for individual products.

In recent times, Tony’s team have observed a new, growing trend with clients packing several types of gummies as a substitute for vitamins.

As part of the operation, the Powders department has also witnessed increased demand in both vegan and gluten-free meal replacement and post workout sports powders. The mixer room keeps busy with related projects that sometimes count up to 22 ingredients per SKU that develop into several types of flavours. The Powders and mixer line also expand capacity to other projects that appeal to the sweet lovers: cake and brownie mixes, pancake and doughnut blends and gluten free flour mixes.

Challenge is the common denominator of the Co-Packing entity. It all starts as an idea on someone’s piece of paper and then develops, grows and shapes up to finally become reality when the 3rd Party Co-Packing division applies its expertise and bring it to life.

New product development is a rewarding pursuit and at the Holland and Barrett production site, the team is committed to offer its time, skills and knowledge to fulfil every customer’s ambitions.

Visit: Packaging Innovations Stand E78

Email: tonybarlow@hollandandbarrett.com

Tel: 01283504282



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