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Health and hygiene antimicrobial household gloves


Symphony Environmental Limited has introduced a new product to the household glove market, a sector which has seen little or no innovation for many years.
Marketed under the ‘Protector Health & Hygiene’ brand,  the new antimicrobial household gloves were launched in Wilko stores nationwide and online at wilko.com in January and retail at a similar cost to existing products. The Protector antimicrobial household gloves are made with unique d2p technology. Two years in development, the d2p active ingredient has been scientifically tested to kill bacteria, fungi, moulds, mildew, algae and yeast.
Ordinary household gloves protect the hands during household cleaning tasks, but do not protect the gloves from microbial contamination, which can be transferred from one surface to another. Gloves are more often than not stored in a cupboard or under the sink, an ideal place for microbes to grow.
Symphony specialises in marketing innovative additives and masterbatches. Its d2w additive makes ordinary plastic biodegrade in the open environment on land or sea in the same way as nature’s waste. This means that it will not be around forever and it is the only additive of its type to be awarded an internationally-recognised eco-label.
It also has a range of products under the d2p logo. These include flame retardant, odour adsorber, insecticidal and antimicrobial technologies which are designed to protect people and enhance plastic products.
In fact anything made of plastic or wrapped in plastic can benefit from these technologies, and Symphony look forward to expanding its range of smart plastic  products in the near future.
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