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Group55: brand owners turned innovative manufacturers

As one of the UK’s fastest-growing private label manufacturers, Group55 is quickly making a name for itself in the personal care industry. The company operates out of a modern facility in Lancashire, which houses cutting-edge development and testing laboratories and an advanced production hall.

Watching tubes of shampoo and bottles of facial cleanser seamlessly float down the production line, you would be forgiven for thinking that this is a company that has been manufacturing for generations. But, if you were to turn the clocks back four years, you’d find a very different Group55, as Managing Director Stephen Turner explains.

“Group55 was founded in 1999 and found success with our award-winning pet grooming brand, Animology, which we continue to sell in over 50 countries worldwide. As our sales grew, so did the need for support from our contract manufacturing suppliers. We needed improved quality control, better supply chain reliability and market insights to help guide new product development. The problem was, they didn’t have experience in building brands which meant they lacked the capability or experience to support ours. We had to go it alone.”

Group55 became the manufacturer that they were searching for and have created a private label process that provides as much support as a brand owner needs, whether they are an emerging start-up or a household name. As liquid cosmetic and pet care specialists, their services include product development and production, branding and packaging support, raw material sourcing and fulfilment.


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