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Gold for HotRap™

150508 Rap mainHotRap™ from Rapid Action Packaging (RAP) has won a gold award at the prestigious Pro2Pac Excellence Awards 2015. RAP, formed in 1997, have established themselves as the market leader in food-to-go packaging with their ability to combine technical, creative and commercial expertise in the design and manufacturing of their products. RAP’s idea-driven, freethinking culture and ability to produce innovative packaging has been confirmed with this latest success.

The accomplishments of HotRap™ is the culmination of a strong emphasis on research and development from RAP, which has lead to the innovative and effective features that can add value to brand and consumer experiences. As a world-first, many features of HotRap™, and other existing RAP products, are patent-protected and represent some of the most game-changing breakthroughs in fresh food packaging in recent years. HotRap™ combines lightweight paper and film laminate, which represents a revolution in hot food packaging. For the first time, it takes food from manufacture to display and on to the consumer using one piece of packaging, significantly reducing the risk of contamination and greatly improving service time.

150508 Rap 2HotRap™ is microwavable and ovenable up to 220°C and is the ideal packaging solution for hot food-to-go products such as panini, pizza and toasties. It’s equally ideal for products that are on shelf, in fridges or freezer units, for cook-off by the customer at home and at work. RAP have specifically designed HotRap™ for ease of use on standard flow wrap lines with only slight modification. Thanks to RAP’s innovative approach to food-to-go packaging there are cost savings over existing hand packed standard type bags already on the market. The paper for HotRap™ is sourced from sustainable forests, ensuring an environmentally friendly approach to food-to-go packaging and the design cuts down on food and packaging waste. Aesthetically HotRap™ has a much more natural look and feel to other products available on the market. The pack is designed with the consumer in mind and the unbeatable ergonomic shape makes it extremely easy to eat from and simple to open.

The design of the packaging also offers excellent branding opportunities for producers and retailers alike, and the product allows for a reduction in label requirements during the branding process. RAP also designs a series of bespoke window options to give the consumable inside maximum visibility and appeal. RAP’s ground-breaking packaging solutions are used throughout the catering and retail industry with clients including Pret A Manger, Waitrose, Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Costa Coffee and Starbucks. Other products in their range include BagRap™ which combines lightweight paper, laminated to film, to form receptacles suitable for sandwiches, bakery products and confectionary; and the Modified Atmosphere (MA) Carton Sandwich Wedge, the world’s first hermetically sealed carton sandwich pack, pioneered to extend the freshness of chilled products. The full range of RAP products are available to view online.

For further information telephone 020 8392 8320, email info@rapuk.com or visit www.rapuk.com 

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