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Fully automated, robotic material handling solution for famous pastry shop


Cimcorp, a manufacturer and integrator of turnkey robotic gantry-based order fulfillment and tire-handling solutions, has installed its MultiPick solution at the headquarters of Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe, In., a family owned and operated bread and roll manufacturer in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.
Faster picking, resulting in fresher products for the customer, fewer picking errors, traceability of products, and reliability are just a few of the many benefits Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe is looking to achieve now that the system has gone live.
“Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe’s mission is to bake the best products and provide the best sales distribution support while working together fairly and with integrity; whatever it takes. Cimcorp’s solutions are enabling us to do that,” said Steve Mitchell, Engineering Manager, Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe.
The picking system has a storage capacity of 19,000 trays and 66 stock keeping units (SKUs) from which Cimcorp’s MultiPick System – a fully automated, robotic material handling solution – pulls 21,000 trays per workday. Westfalia’s flexible automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) replenishes the pallet loads of trays for the MultiPick system to depalletize, separate, accumulate and distribute on a conveyor.
The MultiPick gantry robots move the inventory, one stack at a time, to storage positions on the floor.
The trays required for customer order pallets are picked by the robots, formed into multi-SKU stacks and placed on an outfeed conveyor system, by which they are transported to an automated palletizer. After palletizing, pallets are accumulated and sequenced on a conveyor system, which enables Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe to be able to live load its trailers.
Rick Trigatti, North America President, Cimcorp, said the MultiPick solution addresses the demand for innovative supply chain solutions that cut handling costs and improve profitability in highly competitive markets, such as food and beverage.
“We are delighted to supply Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe with a unique Cimcorp solution to help them reach their goal of streamlining their operation and improving the quality, reliability and accuracy of their customer experience,” he said.

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