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From flower to jar

DTM Print partnered with a renowned beekeeper for standout labelling solutions that were in perfect harmony with both their honey – and nature

Maries Bihantverk AB is a small-scale beekeeper, located in Malmö at the southern part of Sweden. Marie Backmann, the woman behind the operation, is a passionate professional beekeeper who loves nature, bees, the art of crafting something – and passing it along to others. With Primera’s LX500e, she found a label printer that makes her honey labels stand out from the rest, in retail.

Marie Backmann

Maries Bihantverk AB is known for its beehives across Malmö and the carefully handled honey with well-preserved ingredients, which is bottled without any heating. True to her motto “beekeeping in harmony with bees and nature”, Marie dedicated her life to bees. As a teacher, she imparts her values and knowledge to the students at the beekeeper school in Malmö.
“You’re more an ambassador of the bees instead of ‘just a beekeeper’,” explained Lea König, Product Manager at DTM Print (formerly Primera Technology Europe), and Marie Backman responds proudly: “Yes, that’s what I am: an ambassador of the bees. Beekeeping is astonishingly important as bees do an outstanding pollination work no species could do better plus they collect nectar for incredibly good fresh honey.”
The honey is available through resellers in the market hall of Lund and Malmö as well as through a direct trade group between producers and consumers in Sweden. It’s bottled in jars of different sizes and types and when it came to labelling, Marie was searching for an easy to handle label printing solution that works with ecological looking labels, with a small foot-print to fit in her office shelf and has a driver for Mac OS X.
She became familiar with Primera label printers at the tradeshow “Natural Products Scandinavia” in 2017. Here she saw the LX500e live in action and learnt more about the advantages of the printer. She was convinced that the easy-to-use tri-colour cartridge with built-in print head would simplify her workflow of printing her well-designed labels. Previously, she used her desktop office printer with A4 label sheets, with the disadvantage of positioning the labels properly and throwing away unused A4 sheets where only a few labels were left.

In May 2018, the time was right and Marie decided to buy the LX500e for the upcoming season’s honey labels. As the US manufacturer Primera Technology, Inc. sells the label printers through local distributors, that’s where DTM Print and its Swedish distributor came into play.
Marie was delighted about the possibility of printing on-demand personalised, seasonal and promotional labels from one label to hundreds. “As a trained Graphic Designer I’m designing the label artwork on my own. It’s great to print just one label as a design proof without any lead times or wasted materials, just to see if it looks nice,” she said.

“Lea did an excellent after sales support helping me to print with Adobe Illustrator on my MacBook and I’m pleased to continue working with her under their new company name,” Marie adds. “I’m recommending the LX500e to all my beekeeper students in school as it’s perfect for small businesses and start-up with its low investment and no maintenance costs,” she continues.
With the huge variety of label materials provided by DTM Print it was not an easy choice for her to choose a substrate, but in the end she decided for the “DTM Vintage Paper Eco” to highlight the ecological and nature-loving part of her work and honey.
Personalised label printing comes in place with the project “Bifadder” (See more at https://www.instagram.com/bifadder/). It gives each of us the opportunity to be the father or mother of 1000 worker bees and follow the life in the hive and in the end taste the harvest from your “own” bee colony as one jar of the first harvest. The bee-fathers (and of course bee-mothers) will receive a jar labelled with the individual name or number of the bee-parent. The hives are managed by Marie and two additional local professional beekeepers. They also receive their labels from Marie and her LX500e label printer.

For more information, call: +49 611 927770 email: sales@dtm-print.eu or visit their website: dtm-print.eu

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