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Fox’s and Burton’s confirm biscuit merger deal

Two of the biggest names in biscuits are set to merge, forming Fox’s Burton’s Companies (FBC), UK.

Burton’s Biscuits, whose household brands include classic Fish n’ Chips crisps, Wagon Wheels and Maryland Cookies, has a history dating back to the mid 1800s when George Burton started baking biscuits in Staffordshire.

Fox’s, meanwhile, was formed in 1853, when its first batch was baked by Michael Spedding. His son-in-law, Fred Ellis Fox later took charge in 1897, from which the company then took its name. Aside from its original recipe Brandy Snaps, Fox’s boasts a wide range of biscuit brands, including Crinkle Crunch, Party Rings and Viennese.

Today, both brands are owned by the Ferrero Group who snapped them up individually over the past two years. The rebadged FBC business will be led by CEO Simon Browne, who said: “After many years of looking at one another, we are excited about bringing together two businesses that share the same passion for crafting British biscuits with care, quality and innovation.’’


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