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Foilco’s waste strategy an environmental first

For over 30 years Foilco has strived to offer the best products at the most competitive prices, the most comprehensive approach to customer service in the industry, the largest product offering of hot stamping foils in the market and to always be forward thinking, leading by example.

This year, Foilco has taken monumental strides in order to educate print enthusiasts on the benefits of stamping foil and to change some of the existing misconceptions and perceptions about foiled paper and board.

Foilco is the first foil supplier to be accredited and certified as a ZeroFoil2Landfil business and it’s now opened this accreditation out to the wider print industry by working alongside brands, printers and print finishers to recover its own respective foil waste and prevent it going to landfill. The recovered foil waste is handled by a specialist waste management company and is converted into SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel), which is a higher quality and more environmentally friendly (sustainable) alternative to fossil fuel.

“Global warming is no longer just a marketing phrase that people can use to encourage sales of their products,” said Managing Director Paul Hornby.

“The issue is real and we all need to do our part to keep our planet safe for future generations. Therefore, we have looked at our industry and applied what we know to find a solution to benefit the environment. I believe that if every company did their bit the planet would start to recover.”

To find out more about the ZeroFoil2Landfil initiative or to find out how you can sign up, contact Foilco on: 01942 262622 or email: hello@foilco.com

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