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Foilco launches INDEX

Foilco, suppliers of the world’s widest range of stamping foil shades and finishes, has revolutionised the swatch book with the launch of INDEX – the first fully customisable foil swatch book for the design and print industry.

Customisable and user-friendly

INDEX is the first fully customisable foil swatch book, designed with equal priority given to the environment and the end user’s requirements. It’s designed with a loose-leaf format, including 208 individual, fully-recyclable cards, which together showcase the full range of Foilco foils.

The cards are grouped in tonal colours in a three-stack ring binder with three dividers in each stack. Each individual swatch card contains a solid block of foil at the top, an illustration of the foil in various sizes of font type, details of the name, finish and colour of the foil, as well as four tear-off foil chip samples.

Foilco’s Sales Director, Matt Hornby, said: “What makes INDEX unique is its ability to be entirely reordered and recategorized to suit the user. The book could be reorganised into brand colours for a specific product range or reordered by a client’s price range. It’s designed to make our customers’ and creatives’ lives easier, to help speed up decision-making, and to inspire them during the creative process.

He added: “Most swatch books are fixed bound meaning that when a particular foil or colour is discontinued or a new product introduced, the entire book needs reprinting and reissuing. Similarly, if a customer has run out of foil chip samples for a specific foil, they’ve historically had to order a whole new swatch book. With INDEX, we can send out individual swatch cards to our customers to add to their books. This makes INDEX completely futureproof, adaptable, and far more sustainable.”

On the reverse of each card is also a unique QR code linking the customer back to Foilco’s website, where the full product details for that specific foil can be found.

Multi-purpose and sustainable

With usability and sustainability front of mind, the Foilco team designed INDEX using recycled leather shreds, that would normally end up in landfill, to give the binder the luxurious texture of leather. The divider cards, sample archive, and fanfold collection are made using uncoated board giving them an appealing, natural feel. And the swatch cards are made from a single-sided, coated board that helps to make the foil colours really pop. Furthermore, every individual foil card, plus the divider cards, sample box and fanfold cards, are repulpable.

Even the box that sits snugly behind the swatch cards has been designed with a dual purpose. It not only keeps the cards flat and pristine but also doubles up as a sample box and storage place for torn-off foil chips. Plus, the box at the front of the binder contains the fanfold collection – a quick overview of all Foilco foils ordered tonally.

To order your copy of the fully customisable INDEX swatch book, please visit www.foilco.com. In the UK, INDEX will retail at £90 including delivery. Deliveries are also available to Europe and the rest of the world through our website. Owners of INDEX get free access to replacement swatch cards and foil samples, as well as first access to promotional materials and product updates.





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