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First Stratasys F270 model in Europe

Robinson Packaging, a UK-based provider of custom moulded plastic and rigid paperboard packaging has chosen Laser Lines to install a Stratasys F270, the first in Europe. The F270 is part of the Stratasys F123 Series, a new generation of office-friendly 3D printers. It will be used in Robinson Packaging’s work with global brands like GU Puds and Gillette. The company has been a Laser Lines customer since 2009, when it bought ia desktop uPrint FDM model. Every new Robinson Packaging product since then has been 3D printed as part of its development. The F123 series offers a range of materials including ABS-M30, ASA and QSR support material (plus PC-ABS in the F370). The printers can also use inexpensive PLA, and each has a draft mode that further reduces the cost of producing test models.

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