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Fast transport and unbroken cold chain for premium organic chocolate

Zotter Schokoladen Manufaktur, founded in Austria in 1999, is a bean-to-bar chocolate producer and creator of the hand-scooped chocolate bar. The company produces more than 400 different varieties of chocolate products, all of which are organic and EMAS-certified. Zotter distributes its delicate products to around 4,000 retail locations around the world. Following Zotter’s constantly growing success in Austria and the rapidly increasing demand for high-end European specialty foods in China, the chocolate manufacturer decided to take a bold step with the opening of a “Chocolate Theatre” in Shanghai in 2014. This combination of chocolate factory, specialty store, café, movie theatre and museum offers visitors a range of interactive chocolate experiences. To secure a reliable and efficient logistics solution for this new venture, Zotter required an experienced logistics provider like cargo-partner.

Temperature-Controlled Door-to-Airport Solution from Austria to China
cargo-partner has been providing airfreight shipments for Zotter Shanghai since 2014. After organising the pick-up of the gourmet chocolates in Austria, the logistics provider arranges air transport to China following a strictly defined schedule. To ensure that the exclusive delicacies retain their quality and taste all the way to their destination, Zotter’s products are transported in temperature-controlled containers at a constant temperature of 25°C. Transport is especially challenging in summer, when temperatures can rise to well above 30°C in both Austria and China. As soon as the goods arrive at the airport, cargo-partner immediately moves them to the warehouse to maintain an unbroken cold chain. Since all Zotter chocolate is handmade and organic, the products have a short shelf life and sometimes expire within only a few months. This is why cargo-partner always chooses the fastest flights and ships as quickly as possible.

Thanks to cargo-partner’s reliable PRIORITY service, the fast delivery and careful handling of Zotter’s sensitive products are guaranteed.

For more information call: +353 1 2446010, email: adam.quinney@cargo-partner.com or go to their website: www.cargo-partner.com

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