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Evaporative cooling is cost effective alternative

160621 Eco CoolingEcoCooling direct evaporative cooling, which can be used as an alternative to air conditioning in most industrial buildings and server rooms, provides 90% energy savings at a fraction of the capital cost of a traditional air conditioning or ventilation system. One unit provides up to 30kW of IT cooling from 1kW of electricity or can cover an area of 250sqm in a typical manufacturing/logistics operation. They just require 240v electricity, a mains water supply and simple maintenance. Advanced control systems connect to any existing BMS system. There are no refrigerants and the installation cost can be up to a quarter of the cost of traditional system. Ecocooling now has more than 1,500 industrial 250 IT installations worldwide including Cummins Diesel, Net-a-Porter, RPC, Decathlon, Cambridge University and Experian.

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