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Evaporative coolers’ success prompts re-orders

160521 EcoCooling1A large Northamptonshire-based cereal manufacturer that used EcoCooling evaporative coolers at a site five years ago in a large production area, has seen such success with this installation that it has installed a further four systems at two other sites.

On the first site, the company was having problems in its process and production areas where the equipment was emitting large amounts of excess heat. EcoCoolers were chosen because of their proven success at similar sites and the low capital and operational costs of providing large amounts of cool, fresh filtered air. The existing DX system was determined to be too expensive to run as the cooled air was extracted from the area too quickly by the large extraction plant. 

At the second site, personnel at several packaging work stations were struggling with high temperatures. EcoCoolers were used to spot cool these problem areas. Each EcoCooling unit can cool 200m² of floor space, or a 15m diameter circle,  for only 1kW of power or 14p per hour. The EcoCooling systems have been shown to 

be more than 80% cheaper to operate than traditional air conditioning systems owing to the enhanced air volume and airflow together with low power requirement. 

Each system is controlled using independent wall-mounted thermostats connected to the EcoCooler’s control system, which in turn is linked to the existing BMS system. A legionella risk assessment is provided automatically with every installation.

The company believes its clients can save 90% on their cooling costs with EcoCooling and is urging anyone who’s worried about unbearable conditions in their factory or warehouse this summer, or concerned that their computer room coolers are too expensive and won’t cope, to get in touch.

01284 810586   I   www.ecocooling.org 

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