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European expert poses the question: Are you properly packaged?


As you look around exhibitions, you really get to see the shop front of every business. It is surprising in an industry as visual as packaging that many experts don’t package their business in the best possible way. Back of house is busy developing, investing in R&D, recruiting new talent, and wondering if they have done enough to win the latest piece of valuable business.

Meanwhile, the front of house often gets left behind, looking dated and more importantly; inaccurately reflecting the main pillars and offerings of the business. Working with businesses all over Europe, teams at Armstrong focus on simplifying what a business does and then presenting companies in a cleverly updated and crafted way. Most importantly, presenting a packaging brand in the same arena as their potential customers.

Armstrong Partnership works right through the supply chain from technology providers, glass makers and ceramic manufacturers, to full service packaging partners, alcoholic drinks and food brands. With recent successes refreshing established packaging experts Croxsons and Wade Ceramics, Armstrong has become a significant player in the packaging market. It offers design, web, 3D and animation.


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