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Essential aftercare has impressed worldwide customers


SpoonerPlus is the recently rebranded aftersales division of Spooner Industries which offers essential aftercare to new and existing customers worldwide. With a vast amount of knowledge of the paper and converting industries, SpoonerPlus engineers have the essential process skills and machine building knowledge to add value to equipment via optimisation and improved reliability. Based in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, SpoonerPlus offers services including optimisation, modification, refurbishments, and maintenance contracts as well as providing spare parts. Its recent work has included the re-nozzle of a competitor’s dryer leading to greater air impingement therefore improved line speed and throughput. It designed and installed a heat recovery and air recirculation system to existing machinery allowing for a higher air temperature onto the heating sourced which reduced the overall energy consumption and running cost of the equipment. It has installed quick release catches to existing nozzles allowing for ease of removal for maintenance and cleaning and installed improved sealing to existing machines, reducing the amount of heated air egress and energy lost. Old machinery has been re-levelled, allowing greater control over the web path meaning there was much less production wasted through poor quality control. Other projects have seen installation of conveyor tracking systems, meaning less friction on the edge of the existing belt which leads to increased longevity of the equipment, and the re-panelling of an old machine which reduced the panel surface temperature of an average of 15°C, reducing running costs and lowering the ambient temperature within the factory, making for a more pleasant working environment for staff.
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