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Efficient, flexible and fast

The global consumption of confectionery is growing.

For manufacturers of chocolate, sweets, chewing gum and other sugary sweets, this means making their production facilities fast, flexible, economical and safe. Minebea Intec´s powerful, state-of-the-art weighing and inspection solutions help producers increase efficiency.

“For confectionery manufacturers, the variety of products as well as processing and packaging quality are key factors in order to drive their business successfully in tough industry competition,” said Nick Parsons, Deputy CSO at Minebea Intec.

Only with efficient, flexible and fast processes can manufacturers produce their confectionery with the required productivity. Minebea Intec offers these companies powerful and flexible weighing, inspection and process control systems for various stages in the manufacturing and packaging processes of confectionery, which enables optimised processes and competitive solutions.

“We recently developed a high-speed checkweighing solution that reliably weighs chocolate packages with a small footprint at speeds of up to 600 pieces per minute. To save space in the production line, the system simultaneously performs the metal detection control point, too,” explained Parsons, who added: “Speaking of space: Minebea Intec also offers customised multi-lane systems, where telescopic separators of up to six lanes solve the legislative and process weighing requirements ensuring packages at the right weight at high speed with limited production space. Wherever there is a need, we help find a solution.”

First-class service quality

Confectionery production requires complex systems and devices along the entire process chain. Reliable, well-thought-out maintenance of all plant parts and short response times in the event of component failure is therefore crucial. To ensure immediate support, Minebea Intec provides a service tool based on AR technology. Using the miRemote service tool, customers can access quality support services directly from anywhere, anytime via smartphone or tablet. In this way, Minebea Intec supports its customers in optimising the technical availability of their systems. Under special conditions, such as access restrictions on site, the tool has already proven itself in many ways.

For more information, visit: http://www.minebea-intec.com

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