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Denny Bros helps brands keep on top of food labelling changes and profitable promotions


141010 Denny mainpicThe new Food Information Regulation (FIR), designed to make food labelling easier to understand, has been published by the EU. Print specialist Denny Bros, which manufactures Fix-a-Form® multi-page labels, is helping brand owners to comply with the new requirements which will be mandatory by 2016.


The main changes cover nutritional labelling, country of origin information, caffeine water and alcohol information and general labelling clarity, which will see the introduction of a minimum font size on most food labels. It is for this reason that brand owners are revisiting packaging propositions and are at the same time looking to keep packaging concepts fresh, functional and profitable.   


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As partner to some of the top national and global brands, Denny Bros has supplied Fix-a-Forms® for promotional campaigns which have provided reported sales uplifts of around 25 per cent – a much needed boost to sales which is particularly effective when used for seasonal campaigns. By using add-on multi-page labels, manufacturers can include more product information to drive sales including brand benefit messaging, cross selling promotions, money off coupons, mulit-lingual options and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) info. These highly-effective marketing tools – which can range from two to120 pages – can also provide the vital link to websites and social media pages to encourage brand-to-consumer communication or social seeding. 

141010 Denny pic3The key to the success of promotional Fix-a-Forms® is that there is no need for changes to the packaging or merchandising in store, and the multi-page label includes the Unique Random Number (URN) often required for a promotion to be held securely and safely within its sealed pages.  FairTrade GeoBar, Billington’s and Gü Puds have each created maximum on-shelf impact and publicity for recent giveaways and prize promotions developed by Denny Bros.  


Sales and Marketing Director at Denny Bros, Stephen Jarrold, said: “It is more important than ever to keep food and drink customers safe, informed and engaged. Unlimited messaging allows brand owners to convert targets into customers by enticing purchase – it’s the split second buying decisions that convert on-pack  ideas into additional sales.”


Denny Bros is celebrating its 70th years as a specialist print company in 2015.  


For further information please telephone 01284 701381, email fix-a-form@dennybros.com or visit www.dennybros.com 

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