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Denny Bros celebrates and prepares for future challenges

Denny Bros Ltd, best known for its flagship brand, Fix-a-Form® multi-page labels, is gearing up to celebrate its 70th anniversary next year, having grown from humble beginnings in 1945 to be an internationally renowned, multi-million pound company. We look at the success story of a company that is still family owned and run today.


Denny Bros Ltd, a specialist, innovative, independent and accredited printers based in the heart of East Anglia, was the original inventor of the multi-page label back in the late 1970s and, since then, has partnered with some of the biggest brands in the world to provide a solution for communicating product information directly on to almost any packaged item. 


The company’s success is also down to its continuously extending its product offering, most recently launching Wraptac – a wrap around label with much more space than a conventional label and suitable for most container types. Wraptac allows as many or as few labels as are needed to be printed. The space comes from one of Wraptac’s core features. It is several times longer than the original label you might be using but wraps around itself, seals, and can be opened and closed as often as you require. It comes on an A4 sheet of toughened paper and you can print on both sides, on your desktop or office printer and even on commercial printing machines. 



The company’s Fix-a-Form® multi-page labels are used extensively in the food and drink industry. The supermarket environment is increasingly competitive and on-shelf presence is key to creating sales. With the rising costs of getting POS material into shops and food outlets, it has become much more critical to build a culture around the brand on shelf with on-pack ideas. 


Brand-owners often use Fix-a-Form® labels to supply additional information or run on-pack promotions. They provide the benefit of quick or instant-access to information as there is almost unlimited space to deliver vital competition terms and conditions, or drive consumers to websites or social media pages to encourage brand interaction. You can also include brand benefits, cross promotional selling and money off coupons. 


One brand manager said: “In these tough economic conditions, the money-off promo has never been so popular. These custom-built, on-pack marketing devices can also boost sales uplifts, some reported to be as much as 25 per cent.”

With sustainability and green issues very much the mainstream and ever increasing environmental pressures calling for less packaging, Denny’s multi-page labels can help meet the demands of an ever-evolving and environmentally challenged world. In years gone by, food packaging and labelling were required to merely protect the produce. Nowadays, the look and design of the packaging is vital, as well as providing important nutritional and ingredient information. They also work in synergy with the host-pack eliminating the need for major artwork changes to the original packaging which can be costly and time consuming. 


Another brand manager said: “Fix-a-Forms are a necessity when you have lots of copy to include on-pack and you do not want to compromise your brand design.” 

As companies need to prepare for new labelling legislations coming into force towards the end of 2014, Denny Bros is gearing up to help them become compliant and pointed out that companies can do this in several languages to appeal to today’s multi-cultural society as there are 120 pages within its multi-page labels, which makes this possible. 


For further information, please visit www.dennybros.com 



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