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Demand for California Walnuts continues to grow as the 2019 harvest gets underway

With the new harvest starting in late August, the 2018-19 year to date results show that UK demand for ‘shelled’ California Walnuts has grown substantially.

UK shipment figures to 31st August highlight a year-on-year increase for ‘shelled’ California Walnuts of over 15%. This equates to an uplift of 1,358,293 pounds, or just over 616 metric tonnes (MT)* – representing a significant increase on 2017/18. Pamela Graviet, Sr. Marketing Director,
International for the CWC, comments: “While California Walnuts have faced some adverse tariff challenges this past crop season, in other export
markets globally the situation created opportunities for growth – like in the UK”. Meanwhile, as part of the California Walnut Commission’s (CWC) active export marketing programmes, a number of initiatives continue to inspire and encourage the UK food industry to use more California Walnuts.

Inspiring Good Health
The CWC actively promotes the benefits of California Walnuts to the UK trade and consumers through a wide range of marketing activities. A key objective of the UK consumer communications activities involves supporting health research and publicising the numerous health benefits of California Walnuts. For more than 25 years, the CWC has supported health-related research on walnuts investing over $23 million in 11 countries, working with over 55 institutions and universities. More than 155 scientific publications have helped to provide knowledge and understanding of the unique health benefits associated with consuming walnuts. The results support health claims in both the EU and the US. California Walnuts’ research resulted in the EU confirming the claim that ‘a handful of walnuts a day (30 grams) can have a positive effect on the elasticity of the blood vessels and can thus help with keeping the cardiovascular system healthy’.**

Looking ahead to November, CWC will be exhibiting at Food Matters Live (19-20th November) taking place at the London ExCeL Centre.
California Walnuts will be the official supporter of the “Plant-Based Pavilion”, the focus for CWC will be on inspiring the trade and encouraging the industry to see California Walnuts in a different light and how the walnuts from California can be used in a variety of ways. Visit CWC on stand H18.*Source: CWC Shipment figures in August 2019 – shelled pounds – 2017/18: 8,689,019 against 2018/19: 10,047,312.
**EFSA approved health claim / As part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

For more trade information, visit: californiawalnuts.co.uk/trade­

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