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Delivering commercially effective design

Design Activity creates magnificent design solutions for some of the UK’s biggest brands and innovative start-ups

Having just celebrated 25 years in business, and with two new Design Directors in place, Design Activity has a powerful combination of strategic experience blended with incredible creativity.

The perfect combination to create insight-led, engaging and impactful commercially-effective Branding and Packaging design.
Collaborating with experienced CEO Tony Revill-Johnson (previously co-founder of Tropicana UK, head of Tropicana Europe and CEO at Clipper Teas), Design Activity have reinvigorated the branding and packaging for his gut health brand Daily Cultures.
Daily Cultures were the first brand in the market with their dairy-free probiotic everyday food and drink products. Their unique formulation enables the good bacteria to survive the acids in the stomach, before germinating in the intestine and working with the body’s own microbiome to aid gut health.
With 80 per cent of the world’s population having some form of lactose intolerance (source WHO) and Gut Health being projected as the big new wellness trend, Daily Cultures knew that now was the time to reinvigorate their brand!
Having a small range already in market, they were looking to future-proof their packaging with a radical redesign. Their aim was to engage consumers with a brand that wasn’t like any other food and drink out there – a tasty product offering with health benefits that actually work.
Design Activity’s collaborative creative process started with identifying the brands’ key strategic challenges.

1) Getting consumers to understand the unique benefits of non-dairy probiotics – having been misled over the years that probiotics work best in dairy products. Daily Cultures tea infact has smart cultures that are 10x more effective than those found in dairy products!

2) Striking the right balance between the serious undertone that Gut Health needs to have, whilst appealing to consumers who recognise probiotics as a lifestyle choice for better health and wellbeing.

These insights formed the centre of the creative brief for the re-design.
And the result? A vibrant and distinctive new identity which reflects the uplifting feeling you get when you’re at your happiest and healthiest. The new Daily Cultures identity is open and approachable, communicating great tasting non-dairy food and drink packed with smart cultures to facilitate optimal gut health.
Design Activity’s combined process of strategic thinking transformed into well-thought through creative has created a reinvigorated brand and packaging for Daily Cultures which is helping the brand go from strength to strength. With listings secured and the range getting into more consumer hands, building awareness, encouraging trial and spreading the brand message that these are great tasting products offering health benefits that actually work!
“Design Activity have been part of our team through this whole project,” explained Tony Revill-Johnson, Founder of Daily Cultures. “From the initial strategic planning, through the brand and packaging design, to developing our communications strategy, their insights have been invaluable and their creativity second to none. They understood the rejuvenation that Daily Cultures needed, and we couldn’t be happier with the result.”
Make it Magnificent with Design Activity.

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