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Corrugated packaging to replace plastics

With the environment dominating the news, it has become increasingly clear that manufacturers and retailers want to do their bit for the future of the planet. The Weedon Group (one of the UK’s leading independent corrugated manufacturers), have been working with an increasing number of customers to cost-effectively reduce their plastic packaging by converting to recyclable and compostable corrugated alternatives. This not only involves addressing the raw material but includes innovative design features to reduce the quantity of packaging needed, positively impacting throughout the supply chain. An example is plastic used in temperature controlled chillers for products such as dairy and cooked meats: in response the Weedon Group are successfully implementing alternative corrugated solutions some of which involve biodegradable coated materials for water protection. Another example of plastic reduction would be for the removal of plastic tape and void fill for e-commerce packaging in which unnecessary waste can be targeted through innovative corrugated packaging design.

The Weedon Group are also committed to delivering manufacturing packaging in an environmentally friendly supply chain from concept and design through to implementation and recycling. The use of Earth Inks (natural based inks and coatings), on all our corrugated packaging, ensures that no chemicals are leached into the earth when the packaging biodegrades and FSC accreditation gives peace of mind that raw materials are being sourced sustainably. John Weedon, Group Managing Director, said: “As a fully integrated independent, family run packaging group, we are able to work closely with our customers to find end to end solutions for their packaging needs. Our independence gives us the flexibility to think outside the box and create a diverse range of innovative packaging to suit the demands of the current climate, whilst adding value to our customers businesses.”

For more information visit their website: www.weedongroup.com

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