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Colour label printing in-house a game changer

Instant printing of high quality labels changes the game for product packaging and consumer engagement. Promotional and personalised labels are big opportunities. Should you still ‘pay for print’ when you can ‘print for use’? Epson have shot up to number one in industrial colour label printing thanks to world class ink jet technology and product engineering. The printheads last even longer than the printers. Now Epson have introduced new models for use with automatic applicators as well as manual application on packaging lines.

The Colorworks C6000 can print 1200 dots per inch on 4 inch wide labels and the C6500 on 8 inch wide labels.
The cost of labelling small to medium size batches with Colorworks printers is lower than using digitally printed supplies. As a rule of thumb Epson say companies with over 1,000 SKUs will find on-demand printing pays when order to ship times are less than 5 days.

Promotional labelling is an obvious candidate for in-house printing. For example, companies can track responses to messages and designs in different channels by attracting consumers to scan serialised QR codes.
McKinsey have looked into Generation Z and its implications for companies. They found over 50 percent of consumers, led by Gen Zers and millennials, will pay more for personalised products. Digital natives buy from companies sharing their ethical values, consumption is an expression of identity. While consumers form relationships on smartphone screens, personalised product and packaging labels must strengthen the bond. Colorworks printers will express your brand identity in vibrant colours or pastel shades with sharp text generated for each label.

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