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Christmas Planning Starts With Packaging


141010 5353 Kite Packaging mainpicKite Packaging, the UK’s premier supplier of packaging, will be helping retailers with the final quarter surge by providing them with the most popular packaging materials for the Christmas period at the most competitive prices. 

Although summer has only just finished, already retailers are planning for Christmas – the busiest time of year for many and a time when preparation is key. According to the Centre for Retail Research UK, spending in December typically goes up by an average of 60 per cent. In order to meet this increase in demand retailers need to bring in extra resource and stock. 

Kite Packaging’s range of postal products aim to meet the requirements of varying retailers across the mail order and e-fulfilment industry and have been designed to include aspects that are becoming increasingly important to retailers, such as environmental credentials and competitive pricing. Kite supplies Arofol bubble lined mailers to the industry, available in gold and most recently white these envelopes are manufactured using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved paper and in a climate-neutral way to reduce environmental impact. 

To support retailers buying large quantities of postal products Kite has also launched an additional mixed pallet ordering method for customers to use in conjunction with the mailing bags range, which includes premium envelopes from Jiffy. The new tool will allow customers to build a pallet of goods, choosing from varying sizes and the Jiffy Mailmiser, Jiffy AirKraft and Arofol bubble lined mailers range. Once a pallet is created customers’ products will be discounted according to if a single product pallet was bought. 

For more information please visit: www.kitepackaging.co.uk 

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