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Children’s Food Trust partner


The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute has been announced as the latest partner of the Children’s Food Trust in a bid to encourage knowledge, skills and confidence in fish cookery, and the importance of fish as part of a healthy balanced diet. The partnership has produced eight tried and tested seafood recipes from around the world, developed using a step-by-step format makes each recipe easy for children to follow at home and in their Let’s Get Cooking Clubs.
The Government’s Eatwell Guide recommends including at least two portions of sustainably sourced fish a week, one of which is oily fish, as part of a healthy balanced diet.
Rebecca Wilson, Northern Europe Marketing Representative said: “Not only do we want to teach children about the importance of fish in our diets, but we want to challenge perceptions about seafood and develop confidence in the kitchen preparing, cooking and eating the different varieties..”
Linda Cregan, Chief Executive of the Children’s Food Trust, said: ‘It’s a pleasure to be working with the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute and I feel that we have only just scratched the surface with what we can achieve. There are great benefits to eating oily fish and we’re thrilled to be providing popular recipes to inspire the next generation to cook it as part of a balanced diet.”

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