• Ultimate food line efficiency

    Ultimate food line efficiency

    Minebea Intec is one of the world’s biggest names in high-precision measurements and product inspections Minebea Intec is a global leader in the manufacture and supply of weighing and product inspection solutions. With a wide-ranging product portfolio, it can help improve efficiency throughout your process. A typical production line can be broken down into three

  • Kite Packaging’s pioneering tape range

    Kite Packaging’s pioneering tape range

    Kite Packaging prides itself on an extensive range of high-quality tapes for different applications, along with an impressive, environmental range.The employee-owned business offers competitive pricing across a wide selection of carriers (tape material) and adhesives, as well as a custom print and coloured tape series. Carrier (tape material)Polypropylene is strong, durable and tear resistant. PVC/Vinyl

  • Reinventing the plastic pot

    Reinventing the plastic pot

    Natupharma has launched a 100 per cent recyclable and fully biodegradable packaging solution Natupharma has announced the availability of a ‘green’ alternative to a standard plastic pot. The patent-pending technology avoids hundreds of years of degradation in landfill or the clogging up our precious oceans.Natupharma prides itself on finding solutions. Originally (and still) a food

  • ‘Case Packer’ hailed a game changer

    ‘Case Packer’ hailed a game changer

    Endoline Automation’s end-of-line automated solutions tick all the boxes for FMCG manufacturers Historically, UK manufacturers of fast-moving consumer goods, including the food, beverage pharma and home care products industries, has under-invested in end-of-line automation with a high dependency on manual labour. However, the drop in European workers as a consequence of Brexit, coupled with the

  • The beauty of decoration

    The beauty of decoration

    Your label communicates multiple messages both overtly and subconsciously and can convince buyers to choose one product over another. Brand labels are complex beasts. While they need to convey key information about origin, styles, and the brand, they also need to appeal visually to consumers making it important to make this first impression count Label

  • Pick of the pack

    Pick of the pack

    ABB’s pioneering robot technology is transforming operations for big name clients across the food and beverage industry With rapidly changing consumer demands, ever more stringent regulations and new market opportunities, food and beverage manufacturers are facing increasing challenges. Many of these can be solved through greater use of robotic automation in packing.A major challenge is

  • Focus on the circular economy

    Focus on the circular economy

    Sealpac UK and Partners is a leading supplier of bespoke, full line solutions from packaging to end of line automated inspection and QA 2020 is a frustrating place to be. Supermarkets are racing to find solutions to meet consumer demands. Based on the debate at the World Economic Forum 2020, the next 10 years will

  • Standing out from the crowd

    Standing out from the crowd

    Brand Britain is continuously pushing the boundaries of packaging design With over two decades of brand design experience under their belt, and a somewhat rebellious approach to packaging design, Brand Britain has developed a following with challenger brands that want to stand out from the crowd.Brand Britain provides brand owners and retailers with strategic design

  • Making the switch: material handling automation

    Making the switch: material handling automation

    When it comes to technology, automated material handling equipment plays a hugely important role in today’s FMCG production and distribution areas. Installing the right equipment and ensuring it’s properly maintained can increase production output and reduce operational costs.If you are considering automating the material handling equipment in your facilities, here are three top tips from