• Improve your pack room equipment

    Improve your pack room equipment

    Employee-owned packaging company, Kite Packaging, has recently expanded two of its popular pack room products, their dynamic gummed paper tape machine and glue gun bundles. Efficiency in your pack room is essential to ensure the smooth running of your operation, along with high-quality equipment at your disposal. Kite’s new gummed paper tape dispenser is suitable

  • Data management in the new packaging regime

    Data management in the new packaging regime

    Changes to packaging waste regulations will see a major rise in costs for producers. Valpak Policy Advisor George Atkinson explains what the new rules mean, and how to navigate them The impact of extended producer responsibility (EPR) reforms to the UK’s packaging waste regulations in 2023 will be profound. For some, EPR is a long

  • Foremost solutions

    Foremost solutions

    When a leading telecom client required an enclosure with very specific requirements, Foremost Electronics was on hand to help overcome the hurdle Foremost Electronics, the engineering-led Essex based importer and specialist distributor of electromechanical components, works closely with its global suppliers to provide bespoke solutions for its customers where standard products do not meet the

  • Plastic recycling returns to the agenda

    Plastic recycling returns to the agenda

    Focus on eliminating single-use plastics and promoting closed-loop packaging has fallen off the agenda in recent months as the devasting impact of the coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to re-evaluate priorities. For many, those corporate CSR efforts that were gaining momentum in 2020 were put on pause as the lockdown forced businesses into remote working

  • Getting back to business

    Getting back to business

    Cory Brothers has weathered more than its fair share of storms during its 150 year history, writes Mark Bowden Staying true to its “never standing still” slogan, the company is already guiding importers and exporters beyond 2020 Established in the mid-1800s, Cory Brothers has seen revolutions, recessions & recoveries, the good times and the bad.

  • Introducing recycled content into BOPP films

    Introducing recycled content into BOPP films

    Innovia Films is a major producer of Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene films (BOPP) and supplies products to the Packaging and Labelling sector from manufacturing sites in Cumbria UK, Belgium, Poland, Mexico and Australia. To enable a circular economy, it is of vital importance for polymer converters to introduce recycled materials into their products.  Innovia have a

  • Printing perfection

    Printing perfection

    The DTM LF140e Label Finishing System is the ultimate on-demand solution for finishing short runs of labels The newly unveiled DTM LF140e digital finisher is a compact system for simple, fast and cost-efficient label processing on-site. It can be used to handle all operations including unwinding pre-printed rolls, laminating and digital contour cutting, removing the

  • Solution led innovation

    Solution led innovation

    OPM is overhauling labels and packaging printing for a greener future Sustainability has become a hot topic in the labels and packaging sector industry. More brands are shifting toward sustainable packaging so they can meet consumer demand, stay ahead of regulations and improve the environment, especially when it comes to single use packaging. If you

  • Quality customer care sees Invopak thrive in lockdown

    Quality customer care sees Invopak thrive in lockdown

    Invopak, a leading supplier of rigid plastic and metal packaging, saw orders double during the Coronavirus crisis, fulfilling them all – despite lockdown, social distancing and European supply chain issues. Orders rocketed from 13,000 in April to June 2019, to 26,000 in the same quarter this year. That Covid response has now won Invopak bronze