• Sproud innovates the non-dairy sector

    Sproud innovates the non-dairy sector

    Sproud, the dairy free milk alternative, has added a new SKU to its range of shelf-stable products.Joining the rest of the Sproud family, the planet-first brand has introduced Sproud Unsweetened. The range already includes Sproud Barista, the professional formula developed for and by baristas, and Sproud Chocolate.Appealing to health conscious and sustainably minded consumers, the

  • Sustainable packaging for a brighter future

    Sustainable packaging for a brighter future

    Graphic Packaging International has been operating for over 100 years and believes its Sustainability Vision 2025 can make a genuine difference At the heart of the packaging debate is a growing demand for sustainable solutions. Among suppliers, retailers and consumers, the value chain is seeing unprecedented change, with many reducing their ecological impact to ensure

  • Traceability means trust

    Traceability means trust

    Markem-Imaje is a leading global supplier of consolidated coding solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands Traceability is a growing expectation from governments and consumers. And, in a time when scandals can go viral, recalls must be handled quickly to minimise brand damage. However, with profit margins under pressure, meeting traceability requirements cost-effectively is

  • Unlock your existing potential

    Unlock your existing potential

    OEEsystems International are leading the way in progressive manufacturing For more than 20 years, OEEsystems International, a global leader in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Operational Excellence, has focused tirelessly on empowering manufacturers to increase capacity, reduce costs and drive continuous improvement.With installations from Seattle to Shanghai, the company has gone from strength to strength

  • Save on waste costs with HSM Baling Presses

    Save on waste costs with HSM Baling Presses

    HSM baling presses can reduce the volume of your waste by up to 95 per cent. Quick, easy and cost-efficient! That means customers save valuable space which would otherwise be taken up onsite, plus, they will benefit from the generation of a secondary and valuable raw material – baled recyclable waste. HSM builds baling presses

  • Global screw-top saviour

    Global screw-top saviour

    ToPo®, the recyclable screw-top closure that doubles as a collectable toy, has been honoured with a series of internationally coveted awards It’s the ingenious solution for avoiding plastic waste: a bottle top that converts into a colourful educational toy brick. And, after a year in which ToPo® was recognised with a string of prestigious industry

  • Kite Packaging expands air cushion systems range

    Kite Packaging expands air cushion systems range

    Kite Packaging have expanded their range of air cushion systems with the perfect alternative to bubble wrap and other protective void fill solutions. The selection now comprises three unique additions, allowing customers to purchase a system specifically suited to their own specified size and volumes. Not only do the systems produce sturdy protective air cushions

  • Solving the Contour Pack dilemma

    Solving the Contour Pack dilemma

    PakTech explains how the demise of one product line can lead to the birth of another In today’s global marketplace, delivering a quality product to a satisfied customer requires constant maintenance of the relationships that exist at each step along the way. Business owners must trust that they can maintain access to everything that’s necessary

  • JSD: where no-one is uniform

    JSD: where no-one is uniform

    Uniform – definition:adjectiveremaining the same in all cases and at all times; unchanging in form or characternounthe distinctive clothing worn by members of the same organization or body It is easy when thinking about ‘uniforms’ to think of them as all the same – identical in every way. The adjective even has that dictionary definition.