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Buffy joins the natural products drive

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is joining the drive for a regenerative movement in food, agriculture and business. Buffy, aka actor, entrepreneur and author Sarah Michelle Gellar, is set to headline a panel of renowned leaders in regenerative food, agriculture, business and brand building at the upcoming Natural Products Expo West, the world’s largest trade exhibition of natural, organic & eco-friendly products held each year at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA.
In a special edition seminar organise by At the Epicenter, a leading nonprofit organisation dedicated to entrepreneurship and the environment, and presented by Natural Products Expo West producer New Hope Network as part of its Regenerative Business Track, Sarah Michelle Gellar joins Sheryl O’Loughlin, CEO of REBBL; Kyle Garner, CEO of Organic India; Errol Schweizer, former VP of Grocery for Whole Foods Market and advisor to leading natural products companies; and At the Epicenter Executive Director Seleyn DeYarus in a discussion of how to go beyond sustainability, what it means to be a “regenerative” business, and how to encourage consumers to make climate-conscious purchasing decisions.
Titled The Business Case for Leading a Regenerative Movement, the seminar takes place on Friday, March 9 at the Anaheim Marriott Hotel, Grand Ballroom G, in Anaheim, CA, and will explore what it takes to follow through on a company’s decision to source regeneratively, with price AND planet at the forefront of each choice in procurement, packaging, distribution, waste management, team development and more.
“I’m honored to add my voice to these companies making a difference in how our food is produced and how that impacts sustainability and climate change,” said Sarah Michelle Gellar, best known for her roles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Cruel Intentions. “We are one of the largest baking lines in the world that sources regenerative ingredients. By achieving scale, we believe we can help broaden the audience for regenerative organic brands.”
Together with Galit Laibow, CEO and PR industry veteran, and Greg Fleishman, COO and longtime natural products brand building leader, Gellar launched Foodstirs, a modern baking company that produces baking kits and mixes featuring Biodynamic®, organic, non-GMO, and fair trade ingredients, including single-origin, “Identity Preserved” grains produced using regenerative, Biodynamic® and no-till farming methods that keep carbon in the soil and out of the atmosphere, helping to mitigate climate change.
In addition to Sarah Michelle Gellar, the regenerative business seminar features:
Sheryl O’Loughlin, who served as CEO of Clif Bar, where she introduced the world to Luna bars, plus was the Co-founder and CEO of Plum Organics, and currently, Sheryl serves as CEO of REBBL super herb beverages, a breakout organic beverage brand.
Kyle Garner, a former Procter & Gamble consumer products specialist, Kyle learned and espoused the value of regenerative agriculture as the CEO of New Chapter and now in his current role as CEO of Organic India, where he works with hundreds of small-scale farmers.
Errol Schweizer, who served as VP of Grocery for Whole Foods Market, and who currently serves as Board member of Demeter USA, the nonprofit American chapter of Biodynamic® certifier Demeter International, and as strategic advisor and board member for select natural products retailers, manufacturers and investors.
Seleyn DeYarus, Co-founder and Executive Director of At the Epicenter and Producer of the annual Regenerative Earth Summit, held in Boulder, CO, and former Development Director for The Organic Center.

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