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Brands twist it up with social distancing logos

Coca-Cola and Guinness were among a host of leading brands that reimagined their iconic logos and marketing to underpin the importance of social distancing.
Coca Cola tweaked what is possibly the most famous logo in the world by
distancing all the letters from one another. They put the modified logo up on several major billboards, one of them in a deserted Times Square in NYC. The campaign comes complete with a powerful slogan: “Staying apart is the best way to stay connected.”

McDonalds altered its iconic golden arches in a similar manner, as did car maker Audi with its famous four rings. Guinness, meanwhile, circulated an altered version of one of its classic adverts, but with the foam on top of the pint replaced by a sofa.

The advert was created by a freelancer, Luke O’Reilly, who gave Guinness permission to circulate it widely. “The stay at home creative really drove home the message,” said Guinness Global Brand Director Grainne Wafer. “In one simple visual it captured the seriousness of the times that we’re in, while also bringing a smile to people. He added: “We’ve been in touch with Luke – and hopefully we’ll get to meet over a pint in the not too distant future.”

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