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Bespoke cookies made with Eddie

Joanna Thomas’s business has blossomed since purchasing the Eddie Edible Ink Printer she had read so much about on baking forums

The history of Hokey Cokey Cookies began in Wales, mid-October 2019 when Joanna Thomas’ son asked her for themed cookies as gifts for his birthday party guests. They turned out to be a big hit and she quickly received requests to bake more for her family and friends.

During the next year, Joanna’s business evolved and she opened an online shop for bespoke iced cookies where she not only sells themed cookies for birthdays, weddings, Halloween, Valentine’s Day or Christmas but also ’paint your own cookies’ sets and more recently business logo ‘corporate’ cookies.

Joanna previously hand drew the images on the cookies, which is expensive in terms of time and materials. It takes so long to hand draw individual images on individual cookies and edible ink pens are not as reliable as expected, as the ink dries and the pen nibs break too frequently.

In May 2021 she read about the Eddie Edible Ink Printer in various American cookie forums she is a member off. Here she learnt that unlike other available food printers on the market, Eddie prints directly and in full-colour with certified ink onto cookies, candy, white chocolate, biscuits, macarons, marshmallows, smarties-like sweets and much more. Eddie has been designed for professional and semi-professional users, and keen hobbyists, who want to take their creativity to the next stage. Helping to increase production and profit margins, offering greater customisation and personalisation.

Print objects can be transported to the printer either manually or automatically. Depending on the feeding mode, different print widths and heights are possible. For her production Joanna uses both: several trays in combination with the manual feed for different shaped cookies as well as the automatic feed using the included carousel plate for large repetitive orders. DTM Print, an international OEM and solution provider for printing systems, especially designs the trays for Eddie.

Joanna said: “My only real concern was whether my customer base would want ‘printed’ products. And I worried about resolving any problems with the printer that may arise.” But she didn’t need to worry as DTM Print and their local partner Electronic Reading Systems supported her along the way. “It sounds incredibly ‘cheesy’ but they really have been on the journey of discovering Eddie with me!”

Since she purchased Eddie in September 2021 Joanna’s business has evolved quickly to the next level. At least once a day she uses Eddie not only to produce the ‘logo cookies’ for small local and large corporate companies in very large quantities but also to print her ‘paint your own cookies’ sets and samples of her new products. Eddie allowed her to accept last minute orders, because they are so quick and easy to print. In total she produces 1,500 cookies per month, and this is rapidly increasing, and Joanna is now considering a second Eddie printer in her business set-up.

According to Joanna the investment for the direct-to-food printer has already amortised. She explains that for her “speed and volume are the advantages of Eddie, enabling my business to expand in terms of customers and product range.”

For more details and videos about Eddie Edible Ink Printer visit https://dtm-print.eu

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