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Bespoke amber bottle for new Vodka brand

A brand new British vodka has been launched in a bespoke embossed amber glass bottle designed and manufactured by Beatson Clark.

Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka is the first product launched by Ellers Farm Distillery near York.

Sustainability is at the heart of this new distillery, which is why Ellers Farm chose Beatson Clark to create the bottle.

The distillery wanted high recycled content to cut down on the use of raw materials, and amber glass is known to offer protection to contents. Beatson Clark’s amber glass is made of over 60 percent recycled materials.

The bespoke 700ml bottle itself has an unusual appearance, with a wider than usual neck.

“It looks very different to other spirits bottles on the shelf,” said Ellers Farm.

“It’s a simple design, fantastic quality, it looks great, and it ticks all the credentials we care about: sustainability and the quality of the product inside.


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