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Beautiful labels convey brand values

OPM reveals how, in the competitive world of cosmetics, label design can either make or break your brand.

As a beauty manufacturer entering the cosmetic industry, your central focus should be to work tirelessly and develop unique products that look and feel fantastic.

As more small and individual companies enter the fray, the competition has become increasingly fierce. Consequently, there’s an even greater need to have a unique beauty label design that instantly draws the crowd towards your brand. Your label design is not just another visual. It must convey your brand values, core message and all-round product appeal to consumers.

As a label printer, OPM understands the meticulous process and planning required: the label may lure the customer towards your product the first time but the success and feel of the product is what will have them coming back for more! There are quite literally hundreds of bottles, tubs and shapes on the shelf. People will choose your bottle or sachet if they’re drawn to the print because it’s unique and memorable. Your customers will discuss the experience, feel, and smell of your product. They will also talk about the impression they get from the label design. Today, young customers share their positive experiences with friends across social media platforms. This is a great sales opportunity for any contract packer but also demonstrates a connection and pride in purchase choice stimulating brand loyalty in others. Label packaging seems deceptively simple when you think about the end goal. It’s just a printed label, right?

It is important to choose your printer with care. Ideally, work with a label company that’s amassed decades of experience and accreditations (such as ISO 9001:2015, BRC/IoP Global Standard Food Packaging standards). An established printer with a background in your market will be able to offer ideas and solutions that help you avoid common pitfalls and packaging problems. You’ll need to consider all aspects of the label’s form and function – not only that it meets the legal obligation for government information, including warning and capacity. Function of your label is a crucial question that must not be overlooked either. What environments will the label face? There are a variety of adhesives, label materials and protection options designed specifically for hot or cold environments, and damp or humid environments. Think, for instance, freezers, the outdoors, refrigerators and hot sunny beaches. However, none of this should distract from the main goal which is always ‘stand out’ shelf appeal: Decorative paper and speciality printing techniques like foil stamping, sculpted embossing, screen, and die cutting can offer many creative and personal dimensions of touch to labels. Tactile effects can often prove the vital difference between products left on the shelf and those that make it home with the customer.
Silver, gold, brushed metal and mirror-finish products express a high-value appearance or celebratory sparkle. Iridescent, Holographic and tinted opalescent materials can be subtle yet stunning, and add a touch of class that reflects a superior product with design intrigue.
With an innovative approach to enhancing your brand, OPM possesses the perfect technology to produce eye catching beauty labels. We offer new and unique label treatment combinations without compromising your label performance requirements throughout the life cycle.

For more information, call: 0113 2311000, email: sales@opmgroup.co.uk or visit their website: http://www.opmgroup.co.uk

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