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Baked not fried

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The increasing popularity of ‘healthy’ savoury snacks has led to the change of emphasis in production to baking instead of frying and a new partnership between manufacturer Spooner Industries and a local specialist, R&D facility, is presenting a unique service to help the snack food industry take advantage of this. The combined resources provide technology that delivers fresh snack innovation and opportunities to increase profit margin and provide faster sales growth, plus experienced manufacturing capabilities for bespoke ovens, dryers and coolers for a full snack range including potatoes, tortillas, cereal, granola, cookies, snack cakes and crackers. 

The process does not rely on the use of premium grade ingredients, lowering raw ingredient costs. No additives are necessary and the speed of the process maintains nutrients within the finished product, all contributing to a healthier product.  

David Emerson and Michael Lomas from Spooner were on hand to discuss this technology at the recent SNAXPO exhibition in Orlando, Florida. Retaining the look and the flavour of their fellow fried products, the baked savouries had the added advantage of also looking healthy. Specially prepared for the show, chipsticks were presented, each containing a pea that had retained its colour, flavour and appearance.   

One visitor commented: “It’s wonderful to see a first time exhibitor arrive with something so different. Healthy snacks have long been on the agenda, but concentration has always been on the sweet rather than savoury so this is something really new and innovative.” 

Michael Lomas said: “Spooner has always been about developing new technology, so this collaboration opens up a whole new avenue of enquiries where we can offer snack producers something genuinely unique that will contribute towards their own business success.”

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