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A first for food sector

160826 Bell1 Bell Packaging has announced that it is now able to supply Jetran® packaging suitable for presenting food. Traditionally Jetran® has been used for non-food items and the only opportunity for food and confectionery producers to use this unique packaging is for pre-wrapped items.

Bell Director Peter Lennie said: “For many years Bell has worked in the non-food sector and established a network of agents and distributors. Our plant in Luton operates the world’s largest production of clear tubing and with more than 300 standard sizes, we have excess capacity and are looking for new markets.
“When we introduced the new flat top design of end cap in 2015 more than half the enquiries we received were from food companies.  Having consulted with them alongside our High Street customers it is clear that Jetran® is wanted in the food sector.”


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Jetran® packaging has been used by many of the world’s leading confectionery brands for gift sets.

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Both designs have received international success and the Cadbury’s Éclair pack won the prestigious Indiastar packaging innovation award. 
With a track record of nearly 40 years and exports to 17 countries, the company is well positioned to deliver exciting new packaging solutions throughout Europe.
The company recently completed trial orders for presenting citrus fruits and other specialist fruit and vegetables. Feedback from customers has been very positive. The packaging protects the product but also can be used as storage and is a useful container for other purposes after the product has been consumed.

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Not bottling it on presentation
Another area of interest is drink and liquor. Traditionally these products are presented in glass bottles but Bell Packaging posed the question: Why hide them in a board box?  It believes the new presentation can transform a simple bottle into a gift and have a secondary function as a storage tube when the bottle has been consumed.
The packaging provides excellent visibility for the decorated bottles that are housed inside and has maximum impact when on display in store.

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