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A complete shrink sleeve solution

A growing trend for shrink sleeves has seen many narrow web printers invest in this technology to widen their product offering and complement their traditional self-adhesive label business.
Developments in UV flexo inks and coatings, shrinkable substrates and digital print, in combination with technological advances in sleeving and finishing equipment, have helped to support this emerging technology.
Printed shrink sleeves are today widely used for the labelling of food and beverage, toiletries and cosmetics, household and pet care and pharmaceutical products. Shrink sleeves have also experienced a wave of popularity in the craft beer, cocktails and botanical beverages sector.
Without the space limitations of conventional labels, shrink sleeves offer the brand owner an additional printable area. The opportunity to print and wrap a product 360° means that shrink sleeves allow for greater creativity in presenting brand identity.
This unique form of packaging provides distinct brand differentiation and enhanced shelf appeal. With a premium product packaging finish, shrink sleeve labels can also be used on complex and unusual shaped containers with the added benefits that shrink material is damage resistant and provides tamper evidence protection.
Pulse Roll Label Products’ PureTone UV flexo inks, including the UV flexo process series, mixing base range and additional high resistance bases, are formulated for optimal print performance and are suitable for shrink applications as well as general label printing.
Excellent shrink characteristics ensure that label printers can take advantage of this growing market as well as producing self-adhesive and wrap around labels using just one ink system for the different labelling applications.
Bold and colourful graphics can create a truly impressive effect and the PureTone ink system, with its high strength mono-pigmented formulation and therefore cleaner, brighter colours, is particularly well suited for printing eye-catching shrink sleeves. PureTone provides a total colour management solution for printing outstanding labels with the high colour strength and vibrancy to enable brands to really stand out on the shelf.
The PureWhite shrink sleeve opaque white ink offers a high-quality UV flexo solution formulated to achieve high
opacity and density.
The PureFinish UV flexo varnishes are available in matt and gloss finishes, developed specifically for use on shrink sleeve labels whether used for the coating and finishing of conventional flexographic inks or digital print.
All products are available in a food packaging compliant version suitable for non-direct food contact packaging applications.+44 (0) 1454 272 433

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