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24-7 Steller Packing

The pandemic and widespread lockdowns meant closure for many companies throughout the UK.

This is where 24-7 Steller Packing became a long-term storage solution for some, whilst diversifying its services offered to other booming sectors.

It commenced the huge assembly of medical visors, the building of sanitiser with mask and glove kits, labelling of car deodoriser and sanitising cans and saw a huge spike in the e-commerce fulfilment required for its client providing mail-order washing detergents.

Maintaining social distancing throughout the site was the biggest challenge met head-on by company director, Kim Everitt who worked tirelessly with Production, Operations, and Warehouse departments to create a new way for the business to function, with enhanced safety of staff as the paramount goal.

She said: “Shift patterns were amended so that fewer operatives could be on site at one time, whilst maintaining the necessary overall output of products to ensure that deadlines and capacity were unaffected. She adds: “Additional signage and sanitising stations have been installed, along with multiple forehead temperature thermometers at each entrance. An operative was immediately employed whose sole function is to continuously sanitise door handles, light-switches and surfaces across the facility throughout the entire shift and visors were given to staff members. We were pleased that a subsequent spot inspection by the HSE confirmed the steps we put in place are more than adequate to meet the safety required on site.”

Meanwhile, 24-7 Steller Packing has recognised a sharp increase in the requirement for gift sets and hampers and internet order products as the Christmas packing season commenced – which meant that the usual day-to-day packing for high-street retailers gave way to larger numbers of products that could be purchased online by our client’s customers.

Contact the sales team on 01892 837847 (option 2) or email: sales@stellerpacking.co.uk

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