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15 million bags of crisps per week

Kolak Snack Foods is one of the leading UK crisp and snack producers, employing more than 800 people, with a turnover of circa £100 million. Operating out of London, it produces 15 million bags per week. It incorporates Berkshire foods Ltd, NC Snacks and Richmond Crisps and has been awarded the “Gold Award” for outstanding achievements in the business arena presented by Keith Vaz MP.
In early 2017, UPM Conveyors was selected by Mark Kenny, Deputy Head of Operations, to design a system for automating the conveying of finished goods from the production area to packaging/ despatch which involved elevating boxes from ground level to 4m height through a tunnel over a service road and declining to the packing area for palletising. This incorporated a powered roller S Bend and custom-engineered belt conveyors suitable for food production, in line with health and safety regulations. The system has a PLC control to allow operators in both the production and packaging areas to interface with each other, including emergency pull cords and emergency stops. As a result of this successful relationship, UPM is being considered for future projects in Kolak as the company continues to expand.

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