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Winning the space race

The retail space has changed dramatically over the past year, presenting a host of new challenges for brands. They include:

  • Limited understanding of the main trends driving category sales
  • Low visibility into the competition
  • Lack of accuracy of insights on how planograms have impacted category sales
  • Difficulty identifying which retailers are following category best practices

With digitized eyes in every store, brands can now find the best ways to utilize space in various locations, and reoptimize brand’s assortments as fast as the market changes.

Trax Category Excellence empowers category experts with computer vision-powered shelf insights to understand their competitive environment for better assortment and innovation planning. They get to understand their competitors’ performance, the overall dynamic of their category, and better create, adapt and sharpen their retail buyer story. In addition, in the context of frequent and regular category resets, they can evaluate the impact of the resets on their category, competitors and brands, as well as plan the optimal assortment for the next resets.

Brands can now use the power of shelf data to turn category resets into revenue opportunities. 

  • With a complete understanding of how shelf positions impact sales, brands are now equipped to optimize their spacing strategy
  • By analyzing historic shelf patterns, brands can see exactly how their — and their competitors’ — brands have most effectively reacted to resets
  • With accurate data and timely insights, CPG manufacturers can make better decision

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