Will button badges get your message across?

Will button badges get your message across?

Badgemaster, the UK’s leading name badge manufacturer, believes so and has launched a new range of digitally printed promotional button badges to include a new patent-protected “Supersafe” wearer and child friendlier and safer fastener. The use of the latest state of the art digital printing technology also means lower prices, higher quality and faster turnaround times.

Most sizes in the Badgemaster range of circular button badges now come fitted with the new supersafe rigid plastic back, which securely houses the traditional safety pin, locking it closed while being worn to prevent accidental loss or injury. With many marketing budgets under pressure, Badgemaster has noticed renewed interest in button badges, as companies search for proven successful, yet inexpensive branded merchandise and point of sale materials to promote their products, events and special offers.

As John Bancroft, Managing Director of Badgemaster explains: “You can be creative and have fun with button badges. They’re great at conveying sales messages and prompting immediate enquiries from customers, yet they cost only a few pence each and are quick and very cost-effective to distribute.”

Badgemaster believes a key factor in the success of button badges is the way they can overcome the natural reluctance of staff to initiate dialogue with customers. Worn by staff at the till, button badges aim to create interest and increase awareness.

They also encourage customers to start a conversation about special offers and product promotions avoiding pressure on either party, at the very point when the customer is in a buying frame of mind and potentially most open to additional purchases.

For more information call 01623 723112 or email customerservices@badgemaster.co.uk.


Holly Aston