Taste of the West serves up winners

Taste of the West serves up winners

Taste of the West was delighted to announce the Product Award winners for 2012. With the rigorous judging process now complete, the winners were announced this week and served up on a gourmet platter.




Dipping into delicious creamy puddings, succulent cooked meats and tantalizingly unusual combinations of sweet and savoury products, the Taste of the West Award judges tasted over 1,000 products to find the very best from West Country food and drink producers.

Award winners received the Taste of the West logo to use, which has become the benchmark for independently proven fine food and drink, making the Awards always highly-contested.

One of the Taste of the West judges explained why the Awards have such high standards, commenting, “When we are judging every product, we judge the packaging, the aroma, the appearance and of course, the taste. I work with food every day of my life, so it’s great to actually see what people perceive to be the best of the best.

“It’s always interesting to benchmark and we often have specific breeds or specific cuts, which gives the process such a great variety. The West Country truly has an event to be proud of in the Taste of the Awards.”
John Sheaves, Chief Executive of Taste of the West, was pleased with the competition and the results this year. He commented, “This year, the producers excelled themselves yet again. They have been working hard in a period of tough economic pressures and have done a fabulous job.

“They are continuing to produce excellent products and it makes me so proud to be a part of something which is so important to so many people. Well done to all our Award winners!”

Details of the Gold, Silver and Bronze product awards can be found at www.tasteofthewest.co.uk.



Holly Aston