Spring-free air motor

Spring-free air motor

Kecol had two new items on display at PPMA. The company has improved its already reliable reciprocating air motors that drive the Kecol range of piston pumps by removing the springs used within the poppet valves, which enable the motor to change direction.

The new design also gives a smoother change of direction. All reciprocating air motors have some type of mechanical linkage to achieve the change in direction. What Kecol has done is improve the reliability of this linkage by removing the springs that re-set the pilot valves.

The company has also developed its piston pumps to give a measured volume of material. Because the typical materials the pumps transfer is between 70,000 cPs and 350,000 cPs, Kecol can now offer a system to deliver an accurate dose for filling, batching and other application where a predetermined volume is required.

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Holly Aston