Selig selects Enercon

Selig selects Enercon

Selig (UK) has selected Enercon to provide three state-of-the-art induction sealing machines for the ‘centre of excellence laboratories’ area at it’s new European Sales and Manufacturing Centre in Slough.  

Selig (UK), the European arm of the world’s largest manufacturer of tamper-evident cap/closure liner material, selected Enercon due to the consistently high quality of its service and the advanced and reliable technology it uses in its machines.

Andrew McLean, the Executive Vice President of Global Marketing at Selig, said, “Selig offers the best sealing materials on the market and because we’ve worked closely with Enercon Industries over the years, we know that they offer the best machinery.  

“Naturally, when we decided to open our ‘centre of excellence’ area located in our new purpose built facility in Slough, we knew we had to demonstrate our products using the best induction sealing equipment, and that meant using Enercon.”  

Of the three units installed at the Selig European Sales and Manufacturing Centre, it includes the latest Enercon Super Seal™ Touch induction sealing machine.  This is the first touch screen operated model designed for use in a wide range of packaging applications, from food and beverage, to pharmaceutical, agrochemical and household.  

The performance and adaptability of the Super Seal™ Touch exemplifies Enercon’s reputation as the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of advanced induction cap sealing systems by providing an extremely wide and flexible window of operation to compensate for variations in line conditions, such as fluctuating line speeds or changes in cap, liner and container tolerances.

Enercon Industries is a global leader in induction cap and capless foil sealing and surface treating systems technology.  From the European Headquarters in Aylesbury, UK, Enercon have over 30 years of experience in delivering reliable, state-of-the-art product and cost effective solutions to the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, automotive and household industries.  

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Holly Aston