Rexam publishes Sustainability Report

Rexam publishes Sustainability Report

Rexam, a leading global consumer packaging company, has launched its first Sustainability Report, which has been awarded a grade A application level from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the most comprehensive sustainability reporting guidelines currently available.




The United Nations (UN) Rio+20 Conference in Brazil was held last month, celebrating 20 years since the first UN conference on sustainable development.  With consumer packaging playing an integral part in modern living, Rexam has continuously been a leader in this field:

“We are extremely proud of our achievements over the past 20 years,” Graham Chipchase, Chief Executive, Rexam PLC, said. “Rexam has a vital role in the packaging supply chain and it is due to the hard work and collaboration with our key stakeholders that we can celebrate our report today. We believe that running our business sustainably is essential to near term success and long term prosperity.”

Over the past two decades, as a company, and through its partnerships, Rexam has achieved a number of key milestones:

· Light-weighting programmes have resulted in reduction in can weight of 21 per cent since 1992 and even today continues to generate year-on-year metal savings (10,000 tonnes in 2011)

· Of the 60 billion cans Rexam produces annually, around 70 per cent will be recycled in 2012

· In 2011 alone, CO2 savings through energy efficiency programmes saved the equivalent of running two of Rexam’s factories for a year

· Further improved its safety record with 70 per cent of sites not recording a lost time incident in 2011 and its track record in Lost Time Accident Rates is one of the best in the industry

· In Healthcare, Rexam have recently launched Novelia™, a preservative-free multidose eyedropper, significantly reducing the amount of plastic required and drug wastage by 90 per cent.

The recent PwC report on sustainable packaging confirms that interdependence and collaboration across the supply chain reduces product wastage and minimises environmental impacts. Rexam has a long track record of active engagement across the supply chain. This has been, and will continue to be, its key contribution to the sustainable development agenda.

“As we have seen from the Rio+20 discussions, companies are essential to ongoing sustainable development and we a rightly proud to play our part on this global stage” John Revess, Director Group Sustainability, Rexam PLC, said.

“With 60 billion cans produced globally annually, Rexam places great importance on sustainability and it is superb recognition that our report has been awarded a level A GRI rating.  From eco-design to safety and employee engagement, we work tirelessly to engrain sustainability in our business culture and achieve the stretching targets we have set ourselves.”

To view Rexam’s 2011 Sustainability Report, Rexam’s Sustainability Animation and Rexam’s 20 year Sustainable Development and Resource Efficiency Timeline visit



Holly Aston