PREPOR NG prefilters

PREPOR NG prefilters

Parker domnick hunter has announced the launch of a new range of filter cartridges for use in pre-stabilization applications in beer, wine, and bottled water processing.

Designed utilising the company’s considerable expertise in the sector, and in close cooperation with leading beverage producers, the PREPOR NG range of prefilters provides excellent process control, high efficiency and security.

Strong and durable construction ensures increased service life and minimal process downtime versus other products on the market.

PREPOR NG filters effectively address the need for control of microbial loading of bright beer following upstream clarification stages and before intermediate storage. Such control is also important in the wine industry to provide stability during storage and transport, and to ensure that the finished product maintains and develops its desirable characteristics after packaging.

In the bottled water sector, careful and advanced design ensures that PREPOR NG filters provide protection from external contamination and reduce colloidal particulate and regulated micro-organisms over extended periods of use.

PREPOR NG filter cartridges advance the technology offered by Parker domnick hunter’s existing, widely used and respected PREPOR products. Fully validated yeast removal and bacterial reduction provides effective control of clarity and microbial stability in wine processing, and enhanced quality and consistency in the latter stages of beer stabilization processes.

Truly optimised graded density using unique optimised depth construction technology leads to increased filtration capacity in beer and wine applications and improved retention efficiency and dirt holding capacity in bottled water processing.

The PREPOR NG range has a mechanically strong and chemically resistant polypropylene construction that withstands caustic and backwash regeneration; this enhances reliability and increases service life to underline the cost-effectiveness of Parker domnick hunter’s solution.

PREPOR NG filters are suitable for operation at temperatures up to 70 ºC continuous. The new filter cartridges conform to the relevant requirements of FDA 21CFR Part 177, current EC1935 / 2004 and current USP Plastics Class VI – 121 ºC and ISO10992 equivalents.

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Holly Aston