New Glacéau Vitaminwater formula to hit stores

New Glacéau Vitaminwater formula to hit stores

Glacéau Vitaminwater®, an enhanced water from Coca-Cola, is getting a makeover with the release of a reformulated range.

From December, all variants will contain a new stevia-based sweetener, from a natural source. The stevia-based reformulation will trim calories (by 30Kcal per bottle) and cut sugar levels by 30 per cent. The drinks will still be made with spring water, all natural flavours and no artificial colours. The new formulation will hit stores last month and the existing range will be phased out.

Aside from the stevia innovation, all eight tasty variants will feature a revised blend of vitamins and minerals to support a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

As part of the revamp, new labels will launch featuring quick reference icons designed to highlight on the outside, all of the nutrient benefits that are inside. The labels will also showcase the new ingredients and continue to feature the brand’s tongue-in-cheek personality.

Nick Canney, VP, sales and customer development, Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd (CCE), comments:

“We are always looking for ways to innovate and improve our products, this is an exciting reformulation for Glacéau Vitaminwater. With updated nutrient blends, the products are still great tasting with fewer calories and reduced sugar levels, thanks to the introduction of a stevia-based sweetener.

“After an amazing Olympic year and as shoppers look for lower sugar options after the indulgence of the festive season, retailers should stock up now to get in the starting blocks, ready for a great 2013 with our triple makeover.”

Holly Aston