Manufacturers invited to cut water use

Manufacturers invited to cut water use

Anglian Water Business is hosting a conference this week to help UK businesses reduce their water use in the food supply chain process.
Food and drinks producers, supermarkets and trade bodies will discuss how water can be used more sustainably in the supply chain process; in the same way many businesses are currently working to conserve electricity.




The conference has been organised against the backdrop of drought in many parts of the country, despite the heavy rainfall recently. Although the resulting hosepipe bans in counties across England have not affected business use, there are still concerns that water restrictions may become an increasingly common occurrence if dry winters and current water usage patterns continue.

Bob Wilson, director, Anglian Water Business explains: “Climate change is already causing our weather to become more unpredictable and extreme, with much drier summers and periods of intense rain. This coupled with a fast-growing population means that in the not-too-distant future there may be much less water available to meet the need of business and household customers.

“As a water supplier to the UK’s driest and fastest-growing region, Anglian Water Business has the expertise to help businesses review their processes and reduce their water usage. We want to offer our business customers both lower bills but also to add real value by helping them change fundamental elements of the supply chain process to future-proof their commercial operations.

“This conference is an opportunity for forward-thinking organisations to review their current business practices and ultimately reduce water use, costs and carbon footprint so they are not left on the back foot if water scarcity starts to bite.”



Holly Aston